It’s a matter of taste to claim e-juice best of the best, but one thing is for sure: if a certain flavor seems appealing, chances are it will not disappoint. And Cosmic Fog juices are all made with quality ingredients and care.

Cosmic Fog Vapors Review

This exotic e-juice is loaded with tropical flavors. The dominant flavor is of passion fruit, followed by pineapple, then finally, kiwi. The whole combination is reminiscent of a mai tai cocktail from those old-school Chinese restaurants. It is not all sweet, however.There are some nice sour notes to cut through the sugary aspect of the different fruits. If sipping a frozen Hawaiian drink while watching a sunrise sounds good, then try vaping one next time!

Sweet without being overly sweet, this e-liquid reminds most of honey nut Cheerios cereal. Some taste a bit of creamy marshmallow. Everybody agree on it’s smoothy vaping style. It starts with a rich creaminess that is then followed by the hints of sweet honey.Somewhere in there are some cereal notes that taste faintly of graham crackers. Though it can be vaped at any time of year, it makes so much sense in the winter when craving something rich and comforting. Good for a breakfast vape, or a snack break vape, this e-juice fits any time.

Thoughts of childhood watching Saturday morning cartoons come to mind when vaping this e-juice. Sort of a cross between Fruit Loops and Fruity Pebbles cereals, it has notes of blueberry, mixed berries and a slight orange flavor.Instead of a straight up milk taste, it has more of a vanilla custard quality to it for an even richer, smoother vapor. Great for a dessert break or breakfast vape it hits the spot for something sweet and creamy. Those looking for an all day vape may need to have a high tolerance for sweet vapors to do that, however.

Sort of a like a peanut butter sandwich, but with strawberry jam and almond butter instead, this e-juice blend is just sweet enough. There’s a bit of honey in the finish of the vape that plays very well with the toasty almond flavors.And the almond butter taste and texture goes well with the strawberry jam. Though it is not as sweet as it would seem to be. There is a slight creaminess that isn’t quite milky but more like a honey cream combo that smooths out all the flavors. This works great as a breakfast vape.

Cosmic Fog Kryptonite Flavor Vape juice image

This is a refreshing blend that works great on a hot summer day. It has some candy qualities to it, so it is on the sweet side, but it is well balanced with ripe, sweet melon. The candy side of the spectrum is a bit of a mint or menthol that wakes up the taste buds.Then the palate is soothed with the ripe melon and finally hit with some floral notes, sort of like lavender. The combination is unique and fairly unusual, but makes for a very satisfying vape.

Strange name for an e-juice that tastes like an ice cream sundae, but why not? It brings people right back to the local ice cream parlor getting a hot fudge sundae, complete with the cherry on top. It starts out with the rich, chocolatey hot fudge that almost overpowers, but, the vanilla creaminess does come through after.Then it is finished off with the syrupy maraschino cherry sweetness. It may not work for a breakfast vape or an all day vape, but for a dessert break or when the sweet tooth strikes Church e-juice is a perfect way to indulge without any calories.

An ideal summertime vape, it takes the refreshing citrus punch of lemon and then calms it with some sweet strawberry. Though it isn’t too acidic in the lemon department. It also isn’t too sweet in the strawberry side either.The shocker is nicely balanced between sweet and sour. There is even a hint of some other unidentifiable tropical fruits to set this apart from just a lemonade style vape really.

How do the Cosmic Fog liquids vape?

Thanks to the 70/30 VG to PG ratio, expect some big, milky clouds. As far as throat hit goes, don’t expect anything that harsh or satisfying as an ex-smoker. Since it is a higher VG blend, the vape is more creamy. Anybody not expecting a cig-alike experience will feel a slight throat hit that should do the trick. Among all the flavors, the ones with the most throat hit are Nutz, the Shocker and Church.

Where to buy Cosmic Fog vapors e juice

There is nothing more frustrating than taking a drive to the local vape shop for a specific e-juice only to find it is out of stock, or worse, not available in stores. For this reason we always advise people to order online. Many online vendors offer free shipping over a certain amount so it is cheap and easy to just stock up from an online store.