There is creamy milk, then there is sweetened condensed milk. One is refreshing, the other decadent and comforting. When vaping MYLK e-juices, the thick, creamy and delightfully sweet condensed milk is the star of the show.

The condensed milk is the base for all of the MYLK flavors. The original flavor is straight up condensed milk like right out of the can. They then added that syrupy goodness as a base for the other flavors to play with, creating a vape that is balanced and rich.

A look at all the MYLK flavors

Perfect for an all day vape as the condensed milk flavor and sweetness do not overwhelm. It is very smooth and thick on the inhale with the sweetness coming on the exhale.On its own it is a nice, easy to vape treat. Using it as a base to mix with other flavors is where it really shines especially if the other e-juice to be mixed is a big bold flavor. The milkiness tones down the big flavors and smooths everything out, adding a nice dimension of flavor. Comes in a nicotine strength of 0%, 0.3% or 1.2%.

MYLK were not monkeying around when they made this classic flavored e-juice. Think banana milkshake, or, even better, banana cream pie. Decadent, rich and comforting.It makes for a great breakfast vape or dessert break vape. There is just a hint of vanilla to elevate the flavors of the banana and cream. Comes in a nicotine strength of either 0% or 1.2%.

Less like a bowl of fresh strawberries and milk and more like a big glass of strawberry flavored milk, this e-juice is very popular.It has hints of the type of frothy creaminess of a strawberry milkshake. Comes with a choice of nicotine strength of 0.6% or 1.2%.

Caramel Almond
With creamy goodness, nutty almonds and rich caramel, this e-juice reminds people of a candy bar, minus the chocolate.Caramel and almonds make a great combination and the condensed milk as a base smooths out all the flavors. Comes in nicotine strength of 0.3%.

This is an unusual e-juice flavor in that it doesn’t bring to mind any memories of something else. It is very unique as it blends the ripe sweetness of honeydew green melon and the creaminess of condensed milk.This is definitely worth a try for fans of melon as it is really packed with flavor. The richness of the milk brings out the sweetness and full mouth feel of the melon. Comes in nicotine strength of 0% or 0.3%.

Green Tea
Vaping this unique e-juice is just like having a scoop of green tea ice cream after eating sushi from a Japanese restaurant. The herbal flavors of the tea are mellowed out with the sweet, creamy condensed milk.Any fan of matcha green tea flavored concoctions will love this refreshing and different e-juice. Comes in a nicotine strength of 0%, 0.3% or 0.6%.

How do the MYLK flavors vape?

All of the MYLK flavors are a 70% VG to 30% PG blend. They produce really good clouds and still retain all of the subtle flavors of the juice.
As far as throat hit goes, expect a very mild throat hit. In some cases barely noticeable, the Original flavor especially.