When purchased from Mig Vapor, this mod’s manufacturer, the Bug Mini has a 90-day warranty on electronic equipment and the battery. This is more than long enough to see if the purchaser sees any fault in the unit, and send it back in the unlikely event that they do. Due to the nature of tanks and coils, there is, unfortunately, no warranty on these aspects of the product. However, the most expensive and important aspects of the mod are covered.

This sub-ohm vaping mod is perfect for anyone looking for a small concealable vape pen. Its fun colors make it so anyone can enjoy, and will be a popular mod to be reached for at parties or when vaping alone. It is an inexpensive purchase that is absolutely worth it. It is simple to use. All a vaper has to do is twist off the mouthpiece to fill up the tank with a desirable e-juice. Then, they just screw the cap back on when they finish and enjoy a mouth full of flavor. To turn it on, all users have to do is press the center button 5 times consecutively– this is also how the mod is turned off.CONTENTS:

Sub-Ohm and Vaporization Abilities

The Bug Mini Mod gives users the ability to vaporize with incredibly low resistance utilizing sub-ohm technology. The .8 atomizer coil allows vapers to smoothly inhale the vapor created by their mod. Should a user want to, they are able to purchase extra coils. Though cute, the bug packs a powerful punch of 22 watts. Though this is not enough to produce competitive clouds, it still provides smooth hits. It produces vapor at a consistent rate with a delicious taste. It even allows its user to precisely choose their temperature with the vape’s temperature regulation technology. The ability to accurately switch between preferred temperatures adds to the overall vaporizing experience, as E-liquid juice will taste and hit differently at different temperatures.

Charging and Battery Life of the Bug

The Bug Mini comes with a USB charger that makes energizing the mod highly convenient. This USB charges an 1100 mAh battery that makes the 22 watts of power possible. The battery has state of the art advanced technology that allows it to provide the user with a full day of moderate vaping. There is actually gold plating inside the vape’s atomizer heads that prevents corrosion from occurring while maintaining steady a gold-plated 510 connection. This 510 connection is found in many higher end vaporizers due to its ability to produce smooth hits without corroding. Gold is also super malleable, and one of the best conductors discovered so far on Earth.

Portability of the Mig Vapor Bug

This vape pen is highly portable and capable of being inconspicuous. It easily fits into a pocket, and because it does not produce massive clouds, it can be hit anywhere without being noticed. It is lightweight which prevents it from weighing down clothes or be a burden to carry around. Better yet, it has a stealthy magnetic antileak cap that ensures this mod will not leak while it is being carried around. The magnetic capabilities of this cap make it easy for users to put the cap back on when they are in a rush or attempting to do so discreetly. It can be thrown into a purse, a car console, or clothing all day without leaking any concentrate and making a mess. The Bug Mini also has a top-fill design that makes it easier to fill when on the go.

What Are Other Competitors out There?

Kanger TopEvod Starter Kit

The Kanger TopEvod Kit is slightly cheaper than the Bug Mini, but it sacrifices quality. It comes in four basic colors which makes it somewhat aesthetically versatile. However, this is still less variety than the Bug Mini. Its battery is only 650 mAh, and it only holds 1.7 mL of liquid, which is .3 less than the Bug Mini.

Vaporite Opal Vaporizer

The Vaporite Opal Vaporizer is a more expensive competitor of the Bug Mini. It comes with a lifetime warranty and has the ability to heat up in 5 seconds. Like the Bug Mini, it is built for vaporizing E-liquid. A con of the Vaporite Opal is that its battery is only 900 mAh. It is also lacking added anti-leak protection, making it less easily transported or carried around throughout a day.

Is the Bug Mini Vape Mod Kit Worth a Purchase?

There really aren’t any major cons of this mod kit. It is not exactly ideal that the entire product is not under warranty, but the most important parts of it are. And what this unit lacks in full warranty coverage, it makes up for in price, efficiency, and quality. The Bug Mini is an adorable vape pen that is adored by all genders and appreciated by even the most hardcore vapers out there. That being said, it is still incredibly easy to use and would make a great kit for a beginner looking for a solid introduction to high quality vaping. This mod kit’s fair price will not put a dent in anyone’s wallet, but it will leave vapers wanting more of it.